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We do our very best to provide our members with the best possible farm land and detecting conditions. Sites are carefully researched and for the most part will not have been tested by us unless otherwise stated. Our aim is to state in advance whenever land used by us for Club digs has previously been searched but this of course depends on accurate information given to us by landowners.


We can only gain and maintain an excellent reputation by not making exaggerated and false claims and all finds are natural. We would like you to be aware that not every field in Britain is filled with gold and detecting can be hard at the best of times; some fields are good whilst others are poor. Of course we hope that you do make great finds but cannot guarantee the number, age of any coins or artefacts. However, by endeavouring to regularly obtain permission on a variety of new farms with a good diverse historic background, we hope to increase your chances of success and wish you good luck!

The metal detector finds, their descriptions & images on our website are genuine Member’s and Guests finds made on our own organized days out or on members own sites. All descriptions of images will be as accurate as possible but if we have made an error please let us know.


Images and photographs that are submitted to us for inclusion on any  C&NMDS article or on this website shall be with the full consent of the sender. C&NMDS shall have full rights to use any said images or articles thus submitted. If any sender, finder or persons depicted in any images or articles wishes such to be removed then please complete the Enquires section on the
Contact Us page.


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