The Society meets regularly on the third Monday  of every other month at Worleston Village Hall, Main Road, Worleston, Nantwich CW5 6DN


Meetings start at 7.30pm and ends around 9.30pm.

Throughout the year we try to arrange a good mixture of guest speakers relating to the hobby. After the speakers we conduct Society business, have a break serving beverages and then hold  ‘Find of the Month’ competition, where members bring along their finds to display and vote upon.

Like other metal detecting clubs we carry out the practical side of the hobby by arranging rallies to search on farmland for which we have previously gained permission. These take place on Sundays throughout the year.


The digs are restricted to members and invited guests only. The takings from those rallies are given to the landowners who in turn decides how the proceeds are distributed e.g. charities, organisations, community projects or farming revenue.

The Society also arranges and attends charity rally events.