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       C&NMDS fully endorse the National Council for Metal Detecting (NCMD Code of Practice) within our rules and also ask members to          take note of a few important rules to be observed especially the first three below:

  • Always fill your holes carefully even on stubble and ploughed land. Horse riders, livestock and walkers cross those fields could easily break a leg in unfilled holes.


  • Never replace grass upside down otherwise  there's a good possibility the grass will die. Hay making and silage cutting equipment is damaged by stones and by upside down divots left on the surface, you must heel in every divot firmly.


  • Take any large items of iron such as plough shares and horseshoes with you or place them in the nearest waste buckets provided. Please do not leave them on the surface, as this will cause damage to farm machinery. It is good practice to remove unwanted finds like cartridge cases and other small junk items.

  •  Open farm gates rather than climbing over them. Farmers get pretty cross when their gates break! Make sure that you have closed any gates securely. 


  • Permission to detect on C&NMDS sites is granted only on days agreed between the landowner and the organizer. No re-visiting our farms or approaching our landowners for own permission. 


  • No detecting on out of bounds areas, only search on designated fields.


  • Please park in allocated areas wherever possible. Avoid blocking entrances and farm machinery.


  • Litter must always be taken home.

  • Dogs are not allowed on any venue, farmers do not like a potential threat to livestock.

  • Respect the country code.

  • Acquaint yourself with the laws of Treasure Trove,


  • At a club dig In the event that you have come across suspected archaeology or hoard then digging should stop immediately and the organiser should be informed.

Crewe & Nantwich

Metal Detecting Society