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Crewe and Nantwich Metal Detecting Society is a well established, happy and friendly metal detecting Club in the North West of England. Over the years we have worked hard to maintain the goodwill of our existing landowners who always welcome us for a return visit on different fields on their farmland. Finding new land to search is always an ongoing and difficult project so we welcome any enquiries from farmers and landowners interested in having a  reputable Club search their land

The Society acts as a focal point for detectorists from all walks of life whether they are seasoned veterans or just beginning. We are delighted that we have many female members and  a small number of youngsters amongst us.

We also arrange Detecting Rallies on a regular basis, primarily in helping to raise funds for charities, organisations and local projects. These events can only be arranged with permission from landowners who provide their land with the rally proceeds being donated to a foundation of their choice. These events which always prove to be very popular and offer our members the chance to search land they would otherwise not have access to.

The Club has also given assistance to Nantwich Museum in providing displays of Roman & English Civil War finds. In addition our members have their own personal finds permanently on view in the museum. The Club is also active with displaying exhibition stands in local libraries and to various local history organisations.

Members finds are recorded and identified by the County Finds Liaison Officer (Heather Beeton) to viewed on the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS)

C&NMDS is affiliated to the National Council for Metal Detecting (NCMD) which is the representative body for the hobby and was formed in 1981.

Our members are responsible detectorists and are fully conversant with the law as it applies to our hobby and the Treasure Act. Our members also  have compulsory civil liability Insurance obtained through the NCMD and also follow the NCMD Code of Practice.


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