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Crewe & Nantwich Detecting Society offers a free recovery service to farmers, land owners and members of the general public.

Very often people lose metal objects, and it can be really difficult to find them without the aid of a good metal detector and skilled operator. Items of jewellery seem to be the most frequent losses, but farmers also often lose tools and equipment or need to locate buried pipes etc. We welcome requests to help find lost items and in the past we have enjoyed considerable success.

This free service is offered within a 20 mile radious of Crewe or Nantwich, any remuneration received is purely for travelling expenses or a donation to charity.

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 Small number of lost items recovered by C&NMDS members

Recovery 11/10/18

Recover Christopher Smith

Platinum Finger Ring




After contacting the Crewe and Nantwich Metal Detecting club, I received an immediate response to my emergency from a gentleman named Neil re the loss of my sentimental ring.


My story started a few days ago. I awoke realising that my ring was missing I tried retracing my movements from the night in question and after several days of stopping and starting searching I began to think who do you ring in such a situation, it was then that a lovely lady from our local church suggested the CNMDS.


It was driving me mad going over and over the same ground thinking I had somehow missed it I ended up every spare moment lifting up leaves and stones going round in circles, after googling the number for Crewe and Nantwich I got through to Neil who told me he would help me and reassured me he would email his members and someone would contact me shortly true to his word within an hour I had 3 text messages from his group offering to drive anything between 30 to 40 miles there and back at no cost to myself with a genuine interest in helping to reunite me with my ring ,and if we couldn't find the ring it at least we could write off the area I thought it would be as it really was frustrating.


I couldn't of been more happier either way when a really kind man called Chris turned up at my house . He was completely on the ball and keen to help I am serious when I say he spent hours searching high and low for the item unfortunately with no success but weirdly enough it was satisfying knowing that my ring wasn't where I thought it was.


Chris was charming and nothing was a problem it was a pleasure meeting him and Neil and the free service they provided gave me the answer I needed to look elsewhere, it was a great experience meeting such considerate helpful people that you have never met before who are prepared to try and assist you in your problem it was almost like ringing a lifeguard or road side assistance they are there if you need them and I thank them sincerely for the help ,


The ring has since turned up inside the house next time I have too many shandy's I will leave it at home I am really grateful for all the kindness of the Crewe and Nantwich Metal Detecting club family, it really helped putting me on the right track to find my lost ring.

Anthony Donnelly 

Recovery 24/08/19

Finder Haydn Thomas

Sapphire & Diamond Earring




Pleased to say that after an hour and a half searching I was able to find the Owner's sapphire and diamond earring in their back garden/field today.


It took time and several passes of the field as it was small and gave a low iron-type signal that I would usually ignore - just goes to show.

24th August 2019.jpg


I am  writing to thank you for the amazing recovery made by Haydn at our house in August this year.


We had lost a valuable earring in the garden. It was small but with a beautiful sapphire in its centre; and surrounded by diamonds. In the long grass we had no chance of finding it by eye.


We rang on the off-chance someone might be able to help - and are so very grateful that one of your club members (Haydn) was able to come over at short notice. He took great care and was able to find the earring after more than 90 minutes of looing; despite there being many other small items of metal in the grass.


It's gfantsctic to know there's a group of people in the area who are happy and able to come out and help people find their lost valuables.


Thank you so much!  Harry and Danielle

Recovery 19/08/19

Finder Steve Gluning

Gold Bracelet




I met up with Ursula after lunch today to discuss a cunning plan going forwards. We looked at the route taken by her on the dog walk (old orchard with 2 foot high grass & the outdoor school)

However, the rain decided to push on through & the day perked up!! Quick trip back home

(3 minutes down the road & back), pick up the still charging detector & then pop down the path & into the school.


1 x 1926 penny & a broken Matchbox Tractor with some lead was all to show for about 40 minutes swinging. Decided to give it another 10 it another 10 minutes before heading home & then, bang.. Crisp & clear, scrape back the rubber & horse poo, & up pops a rose gold bracelet... Quick shout to Ursula & just look at that happy face. 😊 (oh, & Kevin the dog who "probably" jumped up & broke the chain)

Recovery 05/08/19

Finder David Cockayne

Mother's Wedding Ring



My good deed of the Day


It was very nice to be able to assist Anne in her time of anguish as she was so upset about loosing her late mothers wedding ring.  Fortunately I found the lost ring in about an hour. 

Much to Anne’s delight and cries of happiness, out came her husband and said ‘you have just made my wife a very happy woman. ‘  


 It also gave me a sense of achievement.

Recovery 27/07/18

Finder Mike Burt

Silver Pendant




I am delighted to say that on Sunday a lovely man called Mike came to the site of the wedding we had attended on the previous Friday and found my lost pendant. It was literally like finding a needle in a haystack since we had all been sitting on straw bales for the wedding ceremony. That was where, after more than three hours searching, Mike found the pendant. You can imagine that I am almost turning cartwheels (not actually turning cartwheels, you understand – my cartwheeling days are long past!!!). I am so lucky to have it returned, as I had resigned myself to it having gone for ever.


I am so grateful to Mike; and also to you, a lady called Angela, Jed who also offered assistance; and a young man called Tony who turned up to help Mike scan said field.

Mike refused to take any payment for his time and trouble and instead, at his request, we are going to make a donation to Leukaemia UK.


My sincere thanks to you all and to the members of the Crewe & Nantwich MDS for your offers of assistance; and to wish you all much success in future detecting sorties.


With best wishes,



Recovery 10/02/16

Finder Don Corden

Wedding Ring



Andy May recruited metal detectorist pal Don Corden to help him find the gold band after the fishing lake he fished in was drained for maintenance. He was reunited with his missing wedding ring - almost three years after it sank to the bottom of a lake.

The gold band had slipped off Andy May's finger and into the water while he was landing a fish in 2013. Andy, 36, confessed the mishap to his wife Louise, 37, and the pair believed the ring was gone for good.

“I had been fishing in an area of around 40 square metres so I knew the chances of finding it were remote. But a tiny hope was better than no hope at all so I contacted Don and we went down to the lake”.

The metal detector was beeping every few seconds as it came across pieces of wire, tin cans and all kinds of other debris.

“After a while I gave up all hope and went to sit in the café, feeling as though we’d totally wasted our time”.

It was only a few minutes later that Don came in grinning and handed over the ring.

"I just couldn’t believe it, he said it was buried under four inches of silt but the metal detector still picked it up.”


Detectorist Don, 76, said: “It was a great pleasure to help Andy, it was obvious how much the ring meant to him and his wife.”

ring 1.jpg

Crewe and Nantwich

Metal Detecting Society

A relieved Mike after 3 hrs, success, well done Mike & thanks to all the other volunteers :)

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